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Running an s.r.o. (limited liability company) in CZ

If you run an s.r.o. company in CZ, the rules for VAT are same as for the trade license holders. The big difference for the s.r.o. is that you need to keep double-entry bookkeeping, which usually requires a professional accountant and often the use of accounting software. The profit of an s.r.o. is taxed by…

Chamber of commerce in Prague

Here you find all info about all the chamber of commerce in Prague. More info:

Doing Business through a Sole-Proprietorship

One of the common routes to doing business in the Czech Republic is though a sole proprietorship, often called a trade license. A sole proprietor (osoba samostatně výdělečně činná, or OSVČ) is a physical person who has income from carrying out a business and/or self-employment (a freelancer or entrepreneur). A sole proprietor may be registered…