Salary administration

Salary just on time 

Salary administration is one of the most sensitive aspects of any business. Nonetheless, our specialists are ready to help you in this field as well. They have experience with handling all kinds of companies, regardless of if you have a large corporate or just a small business.

Most importantly, our specialists are ready to handle all the calculations and deductions while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the whole process.

Our services include:

• Reporting new employees to the CSSA and health insurance companies
• Creating evidence of wage sheets
• Monthly payroll for employees
• Processing records of social security, and annual tax settlement
• Preparation of monthly reports for the CSSA and health insurance
• Drafts of labor documents
• Monitoring and application of legislative changes
• Wage statistics from the specific area 
• Basic labor – legal counseling

We are using PAMICA software developed by Stormware, which we have found to be suitable for all kinds of businesses. Additionally, it is able to import every format of attendance sheets.

Are you looking for responsible people to handle salaries?